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Little Teddy Bear Shape Ice Cube

Little Teddy Bear Shape Ice Cube

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This 4-pack of Little Bear Hockey silicone molds will help you craft some cuddly cubes in no time! The bear design is super cute, making the ice balls super fun. Plus, the mold takes a 4-ball design to save time and energy (leaving more time for eating!). Made of high-quality silicone, this mold is durable, safe, and easy to unmold and clean. The dimensions are 14.5cm x 11cm x 3.6cm, making it perfect for the kitchen, bar, or home. Grab your bear molds and get to crafting those cool cubes!

1. Thanks to the bear design, this mould allows you to make very cute and fun ice balls, offering you even more fun.
2. Taking a 4 ball bear design, this mould will save you time in baking and it will satisfy your need to make several ice balls at the same time. In addition, this mould is easy to unmould and clean, making it very easy to use.
3. Made of good silicone material, this mold is very safety and durable.
4. Length of the ice cube mold is 14.5cm, the width is 11cm, and the height is 3.6cm.
5. This ice cube mold is suitable for kitchen, bar, home, etc.

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