This present moment you are free.

This present moment you are free.

Who told you your thoughts were negative? It’s just a thought. You don’t have to make it reality. You don’t have to let it feel like it’s happening when you’re the one that made it up.

Then you feel guilty, fearful or sad like it’s actually happening. When in reality you are perfectly fine, sitting on your lounge chair, listening to bird chirps.

If you listen carefully, you will realize that life is happening right now. This very moment life continues whether you are sad, fearful or not. Do you want to live stranded between past and future? Or live gratefully in this presence moment.

This is the key, to be here now. Your own thoughts are driving you insane, it is the root cause of all of your suffering. You may think that someone else is to blame for your suffering because they did or said something to you. It is true they may have hurt you in the past but unless you are being abused daily. You are suffering because of your thoughts now, of what they did to you in the past. Or worst you made up a scenario that hasn’t happened and now you are fearful that it will happen because you thought of it. Here is a reminder it hasn’t happened probably won’t ever happen, you are making it up.

Here is the truth. This present moment you are free. Free to think and to choose which path your mind will go. Why do you consistently choose suffering if you truly want happiness?

It is also true that you are in control, you are the captain of this ship. Don’t live life on auto pilot. Become aware of your thoughts and what you feed your mind. It is you that get to  choose to dismiss the thought, you choose to forget the thought , and you can also choose to change the narrative, make it a better and brighter thought . Don’t let your thoughts tell you how to feel or how to act. Run your thoughts! Don’t let your thoughts run you.
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