Learn to be your own standard of beauty

Learn to be your own standard of beauty

Learn to be your own standard of beauty. Because, there was never nor will there ever be another one like you. You are unique, therein lies your true inner beauty. You cannot be compared, you cannot be duplicated, there is only one you.

My very own thoughts use to tell me I wasn’t beautiful. Ignoring that I was a beauty pageant winner.  I am also a model and a poet that would push myself into the limelight. In fact every where I went I was reminded that others saw me as the beautiful, Bella. I was always complimented.

Yet, I still use to think I was ugly. There wasn’t anything that I could see that was particularly ugly. But my thoughts told me I was not beautiful. I thought I had to have flawless skin, straight teeth and long hair to achieve beauty. It was a constant source of sadness for me. It made me feel insecure, so I acted insecurely in life and relationships. I would dim my light and pretend that I wasn’t good enough. I would act shy and meek. I was allowing my thoughts to control my perception of myself. I was living in my head not in reality.

It wasn’t until I decided I was enough, that I truly realized how beautiful I am. I didn’t have to achieve anything to be beautiful. I can just be Beautiful. My stomach didn’t need to be flat, I didn’t need wear make up or have straight teeth to be pretty. All I have is me. I was created with such care and thoughtfulness. How dare I be ungrateful. In doing so I’d somehow became even more beautiful. I’m more radiant with confidence knowing what I have is enough.

No one on this planet can convince you of your beauty, but they see you. They see how your eyes light up when you speak about your  passion, or how your dimple still show up when you smirk. They see beauty when they see you. But it’s only up to you to DECIDE that you see beauty when you see you.
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